A Revolutionary Approach to Note-taking Accommodates Students, Saves Schools Money According to New White Paper

Sonocent, Ltd (Leeds, UK) announces the publication of Sonocent Audio Notetaker: A Revolutionary New Approach for Notetaking, a white paper researched and written by Scott Ritter, MS. The white paper highlights the current challenges with taking notes in today’s education setting and how Audio Notetaker is a solution that can help students improve lecture comprehension, reduce anxiety in taking effective notes, and allow schools to accommodate students of all learning differences in a cost-effective manner.

The white paper highlights include:

Persistent Retention Challenge: Students typically record less than 50 percent of the key information presented in lecture. Audio Notetaker allows the student to utilize a complete audio recording of the lecture and then create meaning via annotation with text, links, slides, and images.
Increasing Accommodation Demand: Between 1990 and 2008, there has been a 166 percent increase in students with disabilities in general education settings. Traditional note-taking and lecture design creates deficits for students with learning disabilities.
Note-Taker Shortfall: Universities, colleges, and schools struggle with finding good, qualified note-takers to help students and provide consistent study results. Yearly expenditures for pay-for-service note-takers have become an area of concern.
Evidence-Based Solution: A solution that accommodates the student for the critical active learning that occurs during the note-taking process; thinking about the information, sorting it, evaluating importance, and synthesizing with other related course material is needed in today’s education setting.

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