Dr. Keith Hampson is Managing Director, Client Innovations at Acrobatiq, a Carnegie Mellon University venture born out of CMU's long history in cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and software engineering. In addition to adaptive "intelligent" courseware and learning analytics, we offer a range of consulting and professional development services for colleges and universities that increase the quality of their digital programs.

Digital + Strategy: The Rise of Externally-Sourced Instructional Media

To those that work in digital higher education, the notion that we ought to be looking beyond our own institutions for instructional media is certainly not new. The fact that this simple idea has reached the upper echelon of a traditional research university suggests, however, that more people may becoming comfortable with the idea.

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Digital + Strategy: Disruptive AND Sustaining Innovation

Sustaining and disruptive innovations don’t operate in separate realms, untouched by each other. They interact constantly and feed off of each other. Forensic analyses of any disruptive innovation will show that sustaining innovations made it possible. Disruptive inovations are only one part of a large set of innovations required to improve the value of higher education for our students, faculty and other stakeholders.

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