Personalized Learning

How to Best Help Teachers When Redesigning Systems for Personalized Learning

As more schools, districts, and states implement personalized learning strategies, the focus has shifted from plug and play technology solutions to rethinking the structure of the classroom as we know it. So how are states moving forward with personalized learning initiatives?

In this podcast series, Student-Centered Pathways to Student Success, we’ll explore the benefits and challenges that come with this movement towards personalized learning.

When it comes to personalization, one of the major challenges can be the time teachers must spend to prepare individualized lessons for their students. Another challenge can be the time it takes to train teachers on personalized learning strategies. And as most teachers are already pressed for time, finding a solution to this challenge could make or break a district or statewide push towards personalized learning.

So what resources do teachers need to support their efforts towards personalization? To find out, we spoke with Alexander Lucini, a music teacher at West Broadway Middle School in Providence, Rhode Island, and the treasurer of the Providence Teachers Union. Listen to our full interview with Alexander Lucini to find out what resources teachers need to effectively implement personalized learning in the classroom.

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Mariel Cariker

Mariel Cariker

Mariel is a Boston-based freelance writer and audio producer who has covered news, technology and innovation for public media groups including WBUR and WGBH. Outside of work, she performs and writes spoken word poetry and voraciously reads true crime novels.