Microsoft’s Dan Ayoub Explains How AR/VR Can Produce Measurable Results in Learning

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Over the past couple of decades, virtual reality has evolved from a fun idea to a platform for endless possibilities. As augmented and virtual reality become more affordable and accessible, educators are starting to explore ways that they can implement immersive learning technologies into their lesson plans.

Can this technology actually reinvent the way that students learn? According to Dan Ayoub, general manager of mixed reality education at Microsoft, virtual reality has the potential to transform education as we know it.

“These experiences are just really engaging,” says Dan. “Everything from grades go up, engagement goes up, retention goes up. It’s not just something that’s shiny and flashy. It’s showing very real outcomes for students.”

As with all new technologies, it takes some time for educators to acclimate to using augmented and virtual reality in the classroom. Yet Dan says there are many benefits for educators to take the leap to incorporate immersive tech in their teaching.

“The big challenge everybody in this space faces, and the questions everyone gets when I talk to educators is, ‘will this actually help in the classroom?’ ‘Is this going to help me prepare my students and get them ready for what they need?’ And the simple answer to that is, yes.”

Listen in to our interview with Dan Ayoub to learn more about how AR/VR can accommodate all types of learners, and get a glimpse of what Dan will be speaking about at xR in EDU.

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Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren is the General Manager of EdTech Times. A Texan by birth but a Bostonian at heart, Hannah is an educational writer, AmeriCorps alum, and one-time StartupWeekend EDU (SWEDU) winning team member. She started her career at a Pearson-incubated edtech startup, but has since covered travel, food & culture, and even stonemasonry in addition to education.