Bruce Bergwall of Woz U Shares How Companies Can Upskill Their Employees to Keep Up With Technological Demand

At companies all over the world, technology and software development needs continue to grow and expand. The problem: there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill this employment demand. According to Bruce Bergwall, senior vice president of employee success at Woz U, companies must now find ways to upskill and educate their employees to take on more technology-related tasks within the company.

“So the challenge is, do I hire someone who is good technically but doesn’t know the business? Or is it harder to know the business, and I can teach the technical skills? And that seems to be the trade off that a lot of folks are working with right now. And the default seems to be: I’ve got people who deeply understand how this business works. I’ve got to get them the skills they need to more effectively work and make better data decisions,” says Bruce.

Launched by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Woz U aims to help young students and incumbent employees grow their skills in high-demand technological fields like software development, cybersecurity, and data science. Bruce says one of their goals is to make tech learning more accessible.

“There is a better way to teach technology that more people can apply. And those who have strong design skills and strong creative skills are really the key to a lot of the success in these areas,” he says.

“Again, Woz U’s approach is different. But it’s also an effort to try to broaden the base of people and draw more people into it, bring more people into learning how to do technology.”

Listen in to our interview with Bruce Bergwall to learn more about how project-based learning provides education in real-world terms, and how online courses can help fill the employment gap.

Mariel Cariker

Mariel Cariker

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