Rob Abel of IMS Global Shares How Interoperability Can Help Both Teachers and Students

As education technology advances, there are always steps that can be taken to make technology faster, more efficient, and even more compatible with other technology products.

According to Rob Abel of IMS Global, a non-profit collective working to advance edtech interoperability, there’s a reason “interoperability” is such a buzzword.

“IMS [has] been working on this for about 20 years. Interoperability is a general act of exchanging information through really any means, where standards are agreed-upon ways to exchange information,” says Rob.

Interoperability and standards can help achieve trends and ideas in the education world. According to Rob, it’s important that standards suppliers team up with educators to help achieve these goals.

“The crossing of the boundaries between K12 and higher ed, and actually higher ed and workforce, is really one of the most interesting trends going on in education in general,” he says. “And so that allows us to develop standards that help enable that that those barriers to be overcome.”

Listen to our interview with Rob Abel, CEO of IMS Global, to learn more about how interoperability can improve education experiences for both teachers and students.

Mariel Cariker

Mariel Cariker

Mariel is a Boston-based freelance writer and audio producer who has covered news, technology and innovation for public media groups including WBUR and WGBH. Outside of work, she performs and writes spoken word poetry and voraciously reads true crime novels.