What Does the Future of Research Look Like? Gary Whitney of Huron Shares Higher Ed Leaders’ Predictions for the Field of Research

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In this time of higher ed disruption, even the top research institutions in the United States need to make a few changes. According to Gary Whitney, Managing Director at Huron, while some research leaders like to stick to traditional methods, they’ll eventually need to adjust to innovative trends, in order for their institutions to stay competitive, and to continue to stay up to date with specialized skills.

“The pace of change—it will ultimately catch up with you,” says Gary. “It’s happening in some pockets where it’s hard to find the expertise that you need for some of these things. And to be honest, I think that’s partly why cloud is doing as well as it is, too.”

“There are some very specialized skills you need to do some of these things effectively. And oftentimes, it’s hard to just go out in the general market and hire those skills, get them trained, and then keep them.”

Research institutions are looking to minimize the amount of time researchers spend on administrative tasks, so they can focus more on their areas of expertise. Gary says that new technologies like artificial intelligence can help these researchers save time.

“We’re going to have a number of discoveries that are going to be assisted by artificial intelligence playing a role in helping the researchers do their research,” he says. “You might have a whole system that’s helping you figure out what you should even be researching or helping you discover what makes sense from the data that you’re looking at.”

“So they might be able to actually help tie together things and anticipate issues before they actually happen, which would be a very cool result.”

Listen in to our interview with Gary Whitney to learn more about developing research methods and how research institutions are using emerging technologies to become more efficient.


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