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The Indisputable Higher Ed Evolution: Huron CEO Jim Roth Shares How Higher Ed Leaders Can Help Their Institutions Thrive in the Face of Change

This episode is part of the EdTech Times podcast series Higher Ed Transformation for the Campus of Tomorrow, sponsored by Huron.

According to Jim Roth, CEO and President of Huron, the landscape of higher education has changed dramatically in recent years.

“I’ve been working in higher ed now, with higher ed institutions, for just under 30 years. And I think the first 27 was a walk in the park compared to the last three,” says Jim.

A founding member of Huron, a global consultancy with a large higher ed practice, Jim has witnessed firsthand the industry’s transition from an age of relative certainty, to an age of constant change.

Jim says that, “There was far more demand, and not many additional seats in higher education. And that, I think, enabled a lot of places to be perhaps a little bit less sensitive about price or cost.”

So what triggered these changes? He notes that technology is, of course, a major factor.

“Technology certainly has brought in a lot of new capabilities, a lot of new entrants into the market,” says Jim. “And as a result, things are moving far quicker today in higher

education than they ever have before.”

The availability and affordability of these online programs have changed the stakes for higher ed.

“Competition, particularly coming through technology, has really enabled access to a high degree of quality at much lower costs in education than has ever really existed before,” says Jim.

So, how can higher ed leaders transform their institutions to thrive in this continuously disrupted industry? Listen in to our full interview with Jim to find out.


This episode is brought to you by Huron.

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