Michelle Weise of Strada Talks Underemployment, Lifelong Learning

Solving Underemployment: Michelle Weise of Strada Education Discusses the Importance of Lifelong Learning to Help Workers Attain Gainful Employment

The path to a fulfilling, well-paying career isn’t always easy. But as humans live longer and retire later, what will the career-span of an average worker look like?

According to Michelle Weise, Senior Vice President of workforce strategies at Strada Education, studies are showing that the first people to live to 150 years old have already been born—and a 150-year lifespan will change the average working lifespan exponentially.

Michelle Weise argues that, “with that kind of lens, suddenly two, four, or six years of learning on the front-end of a 100 year work life sounds deeply inadequate, you know, to to last us that kind of lifetime. And so, we’re really going to have to retool ourselves or upskill ourselves for the future of work.”

Because of this need for retooling, Michelle says that those who graduate higher education and start out underemployed can stay that way for years.

“It actually matters a lot, that first job. It can actually have long term effects and and really put you on a path that can affect you for up to 10 years,” she says.

Listen in to our interview with Michelle Weise to learn more about why postsecondary institutions need to engage students and working learners differently for them to access continuous success in the workforce.

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See Michelle Weise speak at work+EDU, an action-based event hosted by EdTech Times, happening in Boston June 20, 2018.

Mariel Cariker

Mariel Cariker

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