How ASU Is Spearheading Innovation in the Changing World of Research Technology

This podcast episode is part of the EdTech Times podcast series, Preparing Your Organization for the Next Generation Research Enterprise, sponsored by Huron.

Today, everywhere you look technology is disrupting something. Taxis, hotels, music — these are just a few examples of industries that have been rendered unrecognizable by digital innovation.

But technology isn’t just disrupting consumer markets. In higher ed institutions and research facilities today, technology is transforming the way information is shared and analyzed across the globe. According to a recent article published in Wired, “technology has become the new backbone in the classroom and the lab.”

So, how are researchers using the latest technologies available today? In this EdTech Times podcast series, Preparing Your Organization for the Next Generation Research Enterprise, we’ll speak with those working at the intersection of research and technology about the ways that enterprise software and big data are overhauling the labs of yesterday, to make way for more efficient processes.

In our first episode, we’ll see how ASU is preparing their research department for the future.

Preparing Your Organization for the Next Generation Research Enterprise Episode 1: How Arizona State University Is Spearheading Innovation in the Changing World of Research Technology

With the growing presence of new technologies to support research, institutions must balance the need to innovate and scale with the need to adhere to government regulations. Yet according to Sean Dudley, executive director of research technology at Arizona State University, institutions need to be willing “to not just run from risk.”

“You know, if you see the red flag you need to consider the likelihood of that outcome. You want to be all the way mindful of and honoring federal regulations. But I think too often institutions err on the side of risk aversion, and they miss a major opportunity,” says Sean.

Sean notes that because of ASU’s willingness to chase these opportunities, the institution has been able to bring their academic, administrative, and research technologies to the next level.

“I think it has to do with the institution having a strong vision, but then a lot of leadership that are operations-minded and willing to translate that vision into near-term goals. So, you know, if you aim for the stars, we don’t want to settle for hitting the sky,” says Sean.

While ASU may still be reaching for the stars, Sean says they have at least reached the moon—a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is just one of the tools the institution is using to gather “enormous amounts of data.” But sometimes the technological innovations are a little closer to home, and a little less glamorous.

So how else is ASU taking a few chances in the name of innovation? Listen in to our interview with Sean Dudley to learn more about the most innovative research being done at ASU, and how new technologies are supporting it.


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