Higher Ed Transformation for the Campus of Tomorrow: Arkansas State University System President Shares How Institutions Can Adapt to Today’s Market

This episode is part of the EdTech Times podcast series Higher Ed Transformation for the Campus of Tomorrow, sponsored by Huron.

Across the country, higher ed leaders are in the midst of an upheaval. While a traditional higher education experience was an expected next step for the past few decades, students today are now weighing their options. Four-year institutions are competing with and creating global online programs. States are demanding more transparent data. And enrollment numbers aren’t as reliable as they used to be.

We have entered the era of accountability, and the future is simultaneously unclear but full of promise as new technologies allow schools to reach more students than ever before.

In order to meet the new standards of access and outcomes, higher ed institutions have to prepare for the future while still meeting their immediate financial, operational, and academic needs.

In this podcast series, Higher Ed Transformation for the Campus of Tomorrow, we’ll speak to experts on the transformation process, to help guide higher ed leaders through operational management for the present and strategic planning for the future.

In our first interview, we speak with Dr. Charles Welch, President of the Arkansas State University System. He believes if higher ed institutions want to stay relevant, they need to take a cue from other industries and adapt new technologies and processes to compete in today’s market.

“We see ourselves as different, we see ourselves as unique. And we are in so many ways. And you don’t want to lose those aspects of what we do. But at the same time, we have to realize that market forces affect us, just like they do a Toys ‘R’ Us or some of these other companies that are struggling against the Amazons of the world,” Welch says.

“I think that we have to look at the broader society and the things that are happening with technology, and the way that people are viewing services that are provided to them.”

So, what are some ways that higher ed leaders can adapt to a changing industry?

Listen in to our interview with Charles Welch to find out how the Arkansas State University system is adopting more efficient and innovative business practices for the future, creating not only better career outcomes for its students, but better economic prospects for the state as a whole.


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