How General Assembly Is Helping Workers Evolve in Their Careers with Coding Bootcamps

You’ve probably heard by now that coding is the must-have skill of the future. Among the many reasons for that, one is the prospect of a high salary.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2017, the mean annual income of a computer programmer was about $87,530. Compare that to the national mean annual income of $50,620, and it’s clear why even those with years of experience in other careers are flocking to computer science.

With the urgent demand for coding skills and the monetary incentive to gain them, throughout the course of the past ten years, coding bootcamps have popped up across the world and the world wide web.

One of the first coding bootcamps, General Assembly now has campuses in 20 cities across the globe with over 35,000 alumni worldwide. They also now teach a bit more than coding, but still stick to in-demand fields like UX design, marketing, data analytics, and business.

To learn more about this pioneer in coding bootcamps, we had our CEO, Hester Tinti-Kane speak to Liz Simon, VP of external affairs at General Assembly. Listen in to our interview with Liz to find out how General Assembly is using accelerated learning to help prepare adults for the next step of their careers.






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