Leveling Up the Workforce: Maria Flynn, CEO of Jobs for the Future, Discusses Gaining Credentials to Bridge Higher Ed and the Workforce

In the ever-changing workforce in America today, employers are starting to move away from requiring traditional educational routes. Career readiness is pivoting toward tracks with on-the-job accreditation and apprenticeships. These new perspectives on career training are allowing for those with or without formal higher education experiences to get ahead in career fields that are in a period of change.

According to Maria Flynn, CEO of Jobs for the Future, “We are definitely seeing employers eager to, kind of, tap into previously untapped labor pools — which is exciting. That’s something we care deeply about.”

Jobs for the Future is a national nonprofit focused on helping underserved populations gain access to education and career opportunities. Throughout her 25 years of experience in workforce development and education and over ten years at Jobs for the Future, Maria has seen a number of employment and hiring trends come and go.

“I do think we’re also seeing a shift and more interest in skills-based hiring,” she says.

“So employers, I think, are starting to kind of take a leap away from insisting on certain degrees or credit — and particularly bachelor’s degrees — and being more open to different ways of attaining those skills and assessing those skills.”

Listen to our full interview with Maria Flynn from the 2018 LearnLaunch conference, and hear what she has to say about the different ways people are going about gaining those skills.

Watch the full interview:

Jonah Puskar

Jonah Puskar

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