University Innovations: Student Entrepreneurs Showcase Their Work at CES 2018

My first CES post told the story of my adventure through today’s new tech for learning. I had an amazing time meeting entrepreneurs and seeing their innovations in action. Hosting a panel as part of the Kids@Play program was a great way to connect with these businesspeople.

But this was not my only goal for CES. When I discovered that CES had exhibition space for colleges and universities, I knew I had to check it out.

Five years ago, CES launched the University Innovations Marketplace. So I headed straight to the amazing booths that colleges and universities from around the world brought to CES and spoke with faculty, student, and alumni entrepreneurs.

Case Western University held the majority of booths in the exhibit space. I started by speaking with Bob Sopko, an entrepreneur in his own right and Director of CWRU LaunchNet. This is a space on Case Western’s campus established in 2012 to provide training for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Case Western has been at CES since they invited colleges to attend. Over that time, the students have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment for their startup businesses! Here’s my full interview with Bob:

And here are interviews of the young entrepreneurs I spoke with:

Xyla Foxlin of Case Western Reserve University, Beauty and the Bolt — a very cool non-profit built around a YouTube channel that provides instructional videos on makerspace machines.

Robert Steward of Case Western Reserve University, Enabled Robotics — an exoskeleton built for people with physical disabilities that simulates walking for rehabilitation.

Matthew Campagna of Case Western Reserve University, Reflexion Edge — a solution that provides performance training, concussion detection, and rehabilitation.

Quinten Hutchison of Case Western Reserve University and Alan Swartz of The Ohio State University, 12 Lead Trainer — a website for paramedic and other medical students that dynamically generates EKG readings so that students can see what a real life one would look like in the field.

I also stopped into the University of Nevada Las Vegas booth and spoke with Raegan Pietrucha and Keagan McMullen, administrators in communications and entrepreneurship. At the booth, UNLV showcased work by engineering researchers and their business counseling services and resources that support student entrepreneurs in their success. Listen in to hear more about this great work.


While at University Innovations, I also visited the booths of National Taiwan University, Taiwan Chiao Tung University and CentraleSupélec from France. These groups were working on a number of tech solutions including solar powered multicopters (National Taiwan University), deep learning databases to facilitate artificial intelligence (Taiwan Chiao Tung University), carry all carts designed to be pulled by bicycles in busy cities and immersive therapy for those with tinnitus (both from CentraleSupelec).

University Innovations provides an amazing opportunity for colleges and universities to showcase their innovation and entrepreneurship and allow their students to put themselves in front of tech enthusiasts and investors from around the world. To learn more about this program, head over to the CES University Innovations website.

Hester Tinti-Kane

Hester Tinti-Kane

Hester Tinti-Kane is the CEO of EdTech Times. She's worked in digital media and education for over 10 years. Hester is passionate about transformative technology in education and business.