What to Expect at LearnLaunch 2018: Sneak Preview of 5 EdTech Experts Speaking at the Event

This February 1-2, we’re heading to the 6th annual LearnLaunch Across Boundaries conference. Headquartered at the Hynes Convention Center in our hometown of Boston, the conference will feature educational innovators near and wide who are trying to tackle problems and solutions in edtech today.

So, who (and what) will you see at LearnLaunch 2018? To give you an idea of what to expect, here are our interviews with a few of the edtech experts who will be speaking at LearnLaunch 2018.


Introducing the Speakers of LearnLaunch 2018


George Moore, CTO of Cengage Learning

Cengage, like many educational publishing companies, has been evolving to meet the needs of digital learners. To find out more about what Cengage is doing today, we spoke to CTO George Moore at last year’s LearnLaunch Across Boundaries conference.

George will be speaking on the panel, “How Can You Help Higher Ed Faculty Adopt Digital Instructional Technologies” at 10:30 am on Thursday, February 1. See the full agenda for more information.


Michael Horn, Author & Co-Founder, Clayton Christensen Institute

Renowned author and the co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute, Michael Horn is not only a LearnLaunch board member, but he will also be moderating a panel at this year’s conference. In this interview from last year’s conference, Horn shared his unique perspective on both the organization and the annual event, as well as his own fascinating role in the evolution of edtech.

Michael will be moderating the panel, “Personalizing Learning: Where Do We Go From Here?” at 2:15 pm on Friday, February 2. See the full agenda for more information.


Erin Mote, co-founder of InnovateEDU, Brooklyn LAB Charter School

Erin Mote doesn’t just stick to one facet of education. Not only did she co-found a charter school with her husband, Eric, but she also founded and is the Executive Director of InnovateEDU, a nonprofit “focused on closing the achievement gap through the development of innovative models and tools.” To learn more about what InnovateEDU is doing to foster innovation, we spoke to her at last year’s LearnLaunch conference.

Erin will be speaking during the session, “Interoperability” at 10:30 am on Thursday, February 1. See the full agenda for more information.


Furqan Nazeeri, Partner, Extension Engine

Personalized learning is one of the top trends in edtech today. But Extension Engine goes beyond that, creating custom learning experiences for clients that range from MIT to Microsoft, to help them create their own personalized, engaging lessons around the subjects they want to communicate to students and employees. In this interview from last year’s LearnLaunch conference, Extension Engine partner Furqan Nazeeri shares the mission behind the company and his thoughts on how education will change in the future.

Furqan will be speaking during the session, “Outsourced Program Management – A New Solution for Higher Ed? ” at 11:30 am on Thursday, February 1. See the full agenda for more information.


Burck Smith, CEO, StraighterLine

When it comes to saving money on college tuition, general education requirements are often the low-hanging fruit. Straighterline is a company that focuses specifically on online general education courses, allowing students to earn credits that can be transferred to over 100 colleges and universities. For our recent podcast series, Challenges and Solutions for Student Financial Aid & Debt, we spoke with Burck Smith, Founder and CEO of Straighterline, about how his program can help students save money.

Burck will be speaking during the session, “Saving Money by Getting Through College Faster” at 11:30 am on Friday, February 2. See the full agenda for more information.

Want to know who else is speaking at LearnLaunch 2018? Visit the website for more information.

Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren is the General Manager of EdTech Times. A Texan by birth but a Bostonian at heart, Hannah is an educational writer, AmeriCorps alum, and one-time StartupWeekend EDU (SWEDU) winning team member. She started her career at a Pearson-incubated edtech startup, but has since covered travel, food & culture, and even stonemasonry in addition to education.