How Unruly Studios is Combining Programming with Active Play

Today, many children are spending hours a day looking at screens, usually while sitting down. Unruly Studios, a Boston-based edtech company, is working to maximize the value of their screen time by allowing them to take control and engage with their technology.

By using beginner programming languages, kids can use Unruly Studios’ software and “splat” floor buttons to invent their own active playground games. The electronic floor buttons connect wirelessly to a tablet and can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks to supplement games created by the kids themselves.

We spoke with Bryanne Leeming of Unruly Studios to discover how education technology is helping kids learn how to code and create their own learning experiences.

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Charlie Scanlan

Charlie is a junior at Boston University studying journalism and Spanish. He enjoys learning new languages, listening to musical theatre, and overanalyzing television shows.