How Arkansas Is Boosting Computer Science Education in Schools

When Asa Hutchinson ran for governor of Arkansas in 2014, he made a personal campaign goal to bring computer science education to every student in the state.

Arkansas was the first state to make this promise, but it wasn’t the last. As of now, 11 states have created dedicated projects to integrate computer science into their curriculum. In just under two years, these widely supported special projects have been a success in both Arkansas and in the other states who have followed their example. Students are connecting with education on a deeper level and learning unique skills that most high schools still don’t offer.

We spoke with Anthony Owen, State Director of Computer Science Education for Arkansas’ Department of Education, to learn how Arkansas is leading the effort to bring computer science into every high school in America. And not only are students learning to code, but they’re learning to create their own virtual reality experiences as well.

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