How One Education Fundraising Website Is Helping Classrooms with Hurricane Recovery

After a particularly devastating hurricane season, many schools throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico are still recovering.

In August, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeastern Texas as the strongest hurricane to hit the United States in more than a decade. Hundreds of thousands of students were out of school in the Houston area for days.

Hurricane Irma struck just a few days later, making landfall in southern Florida as a Category 4 hurricane, and causing more than $50 billion in damages across Florida and Puerto Rico. Irma forced schools in the Miami area to close as well, displacing even more K-12 students.

Fortunately, there have been a number of charities and funds designed to aid in the hurricane relief over the past few months.

PledgeCents, a fundraising website dedicated to education, is one of the many sites that have been gathering support and funds for the districts that were hit the hardest.

To learn more about PledgeCents and what it does, we spoke with PledgeCents’ co-founder and CEO Andyshea Saberioon to discuss relief efforts for schools after Hurricane Harvey.

For those interested in Houston’s hurricane relief, the Spring Branch ISD fundraiser is still running.

Charlie Scanlan

Charlie is a junior at Boston University studying journalism and Spanish. He enjoys learning new languages, listening to musical theatre, and overanalyzing television shows.