The Perks of Employee Loan Repayment: Akhil Nigam Explains Why Fidelity Helps Their Employees Pay Back Student Loans

This episode is part of the EdTech Times series called Challenges and Solutions for Student Financial Aid and Debt.

For decades, parents have been scrambling to help save for their children’s college education, often starting before said children are even born. But as more organizations address student debt, parents today are presented with more options than simply stockpiling for college.

Earlier in this series, we interviewed students and graduates about student loan debt. Ron, a parent that we interviewed, even suggested that his daughter should look for an employer to pay back her student loans.

“We’re going to help them pay of the debt, a little bit,” said Ron, “And then one of the other things I’ve trained her on is that she may have a job offer from one or two companies, and ask them if they would help pay for any of the debt.”

The idea of an employer paying off his daughter’s loans might sound like wishful thinking. But as more college graduates graduate with significant loan debt and make employment decisions around that factor, more employers are offering loan repayment programs in their benefits packages.

One of the companies offering such programs today is Fidelity, a financial investment firm headquartered right here in Boston, Massachusetts.

To learn more about Fidelity’s loan repayment program for employees, we interviewed Akhil Nigam, Managing Director of Fidelity Labs. Listen in to the podcast episode above, or read the interview transcript below, to learn about how Fidelity is helping their employees with student loans.




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Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren

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