Teacher Voice Episode 1: Teachers Give a Snapshot of the First Day of School

This podcast episode is the first episode of the EdTech Times “Teacher Voice” podcast series.

Let’s go back to the first day of school. The buzz of children slowly grows louder the minutes before the bell rings, disrupting months of relative silence in the halls. Wearing their brand new back to school outfits, students slam lockers and run to the first class of the day. Or, stumble around in packs looking for it.

But what goes on behind the scenes? Before the bell? Before the bus? When it’s just a teacher sitting in a classroom alone.

Every fall, teachers across the country step into their classrooms and prepare for that first day with their students. Before that new class of students walk into that room, there are all sorts of thoughts, anxieties, and other feelings swelling in the mind and body of a teacher.

This year, we caught up with a crew of teachers in their classrooms—15 minutes before the kids come pouring in—to ask them to share what they’re feeling. Their notes from that first day of school will make up the first few episodes of our “Teacher Voice” podcast series, in which we will share untold stories from teachers around the globe.

Listen in to hear their thoughts, feelings, and observations from the first day of school.


This podcast episode is sponsored by TeachersConnect, a community built by teachers, for teachers.

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Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren is the General Manager of EdTech Times. A Texan by birth but a Bostonian at heart, Hannah is an educational writer, AmeriCorps alum, and one-time StartupWeekend EDU (SWEDU) winning team member. She started her career at a Pearson-incubated edtech startup, but has since covered travel, food & culture, and even stonemasonry in addition to education.