From Campus to Cloud: How Workday Uses New Technology to Improve the Student Experience

A common theme in higher ed is the need for change. Career demands are changing, so courses must provide the new skills students need. The traditional student is changing, so registrars must provide more flexible scheduling options. And the way we use technology is changing. So schools must adapt to meet their students’ expectations.

According to Liz Dietz, Vice President of Student Strategy and Product Management at Workday, “When our founders set out to create Workday, they understood that business and higher education processes were broken. And the systems that were used to support them were outdated.”

In her role, Liz focuses on Workday Student, what the company calls “a student information system for today’s generation.”

To gain the perspective of “today’s generation,” Workday employs a number of recent college graduates, who have a fresh memory of the technology needs of higher ed. Liz calls them “Generation Workday.”

“We have this nice blend of experienced people like myself and younger people, and they bring a perspective that is so creative, and they have the most inventive ideas,” says Liz. “But they also share the pain that they experienced.”

To learn more about how Workday is bringing higher ed technologies into the digital age, we spoke with Liz Dietz about the company and what it does.

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