Meeting the Modern Student’s Expectations: Joe Burkhart Explains How Oracle Creates Administrative Software for Student Success

When people think of the college experience, they think of campus activities. Dorm rooms. Dusty books and hours of studying in the library or the quad.

But what you don’t think about are the everyday things outside of academia, like registering for classes, paying tuition, checking grades, requesting transcripts.

According to Joe Burkhart, Director of Higher Education Solutions at Oracle, students shouldn’t have to think about them.

“It should be just as easy as when they pick up their next smartphone, whatever that smartphone is. And they download an app. And they know how to run that app without ever having to take a training program. It should be that type of process.”

And not only should the students be able to focus on the more important side of the academic experience, but administrators should, too. That’s why software companies like Oracle create solutions that enable university administrators to focus on the academics, instead of the day-to-day business process of the institution.

“That becomes our core mission. It’s still mission critical to you when we’re enabling to do that, but by doing that you now free up resources to really function on the innovation, innovative and differentiating activities that you can deliver around delivering education and conducting research.”

Listen in to our full interview with Joe Burkhart to see what Oracle is doing today to help higher education institutions modernize their systems.

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Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren

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