EdTech Shark Tank: Notes from the LearnLaunch EdTech Investor Summit Last Week

On Wednesday, September 25, the LearnLaunch Accelerator team hosted an event for edtech investors, philanthropists and senior strategic partners at the Hilton Back Bay in Boston. The program included LearnLaunch partners Jean Hammond and Mark Miller, Managing Director Liam Pisano, and Venture Partner Tetyana Astashkina, along with investors from Arc Capital, Owl Ventures, Reach Capital, Rethink Education, and University Ventures.

The summit kicked off with a panel on investment trends in edtech. Moderator Martin Keck of Needham & Co. shared a number of reports detailing who’s investing, where investments are being made, and what states are the source of the most edtech investment.

The program was rounded out with experts from Emerson Collective, EVERFI, Frontline Education, and more. One key panel addressed the challenges facing edtech startups today.

EdTech Times’ offices are located at the LearnLaunch co-working space in the Seaport neighborhood of Boston. The shining moment of the event for me was watching workspace colleagues share the latest developments in each of their businesses. Entrepreneurs in the accelerator and accelerator alumni pitched their strategic business directions to the crowd.

Here are just a few more pitches from the LearnLaunch Accelerator alumni:












When the event speakers started sharing the data on edtech in Massachusetts, I took note. I am proud to be born and raised here in Massachusetts, a state with the highest rated K-12 schools in the country and home to 114 colleges and universities.

Edtech stats for the state of Massachusetts:

  • 400 edtech companies
  • 240 edtech startups
  • 25K people employed at edtech companies

As the EdTech Investor Summit wrapped up, the final panel served as a kick-off for the Education Market Association (EDMarket) event EDchannels, distributing edtech. It was an interesting, and efficient, strategy to co-locate the two events, which drew upon much the same attendee base.

LearnLaunch has a number of other upcoming events planned. To learn more about the organization and what they do, see below.

About LearnLaunch
LearnLaunch is dedicated to connecting, supporting, and investing in the education technology ecosystem to drive innovation and transform learning. Learnlaunch offers a vibrant community, educational events, a collaborative co-working space, and a selective accelerator program to promote the growth of the edtech sector. LearnLaunch is based in Boston, a world education hub.

About the LearnLaunch Accelerator
LearnLaunch Accelerator is a leading edtech startup program, personalized for each entrepreneur. After a highly selective application process, LearnLaunch Accelerator provides the most promising edtech startups worldwide with seed funding, an expert team of mentors, intensive coaching, and all the tools needed to grow a successful edtech startup. LearnLaunch Accelerator fund provides a diversified platform for early stage edtech investors.

Hester Tinti-Kane

Hester Tinti-Kane

Hester Tinti-Kane is the CEO of EdTech Times. She's worked in digital media and education for over 10 years. Hester is passionate about transformative technology in education and business.