Teaching English in Latin America: Educators at TESOL Colombia Share Perspectives on ESL Education Today

TESOL Colombia was launched back in 2015, with the mission in mind to help improve the level of language in the country, and to gather all teachers and institutions that work in English language teaching to see how they can share, collaborate, and inspire themselves to make things easier and better while teaching English to students.

This year at TESOL Colombia, we had Fernando Valenzuela, renowned edtech expert and contributor for EdTech Times in Latin America, interview a number of educators and other experts at the Universidad de La Sabana in Chía, Colombia.

Here are just a few of their stories about English language learning and innovating in education in Colombia and beyond.

Introducing our host: Fernando Valenzuela

One of the most well-known edtech “edupreneurs” in Latin America, Fernando Valenzuela Migoya traveled to TESOL Colombia this year to meet with a number of English language educators at Universidad de la Sabana. While he was there, he interviewed a number of these educators about what they are doing to innovate in the field of English language education.

But before you get into those interviews, listen to Fernando’s own thoughts about ESL in Latin America, and the importance of integrating technology into those lessons.

ESL Education in Latin America: Interview with TESOL Colombia Organizer Ivonne Gonzalez from Universidad de La Sabana
At the event, we had the chance to interview TESOL Colombia organizer Ivonne Gonzalez, an English language professor at the Universidad de La Sabana.

Once TESOL Colombia was created, Gonzalez made sure to bring the organization to various other TESOL groups around the globe to network and connect. The goal was to make TESOL Colombia part of TESOL International.

Learn more about Gonzalez’s work and the mission behind TESOL Colombia:

Heard at TESOL Colombia: How Universidad de La Sabana Is Supporting the Growth of English Language Learning in Colombia

At TESOL Colombia 2017, we spoke with a language professor at Universidad de La Sabana on the evolution of English language learning in Colombia.

Listen in to hear Ana Maria’s insights about edtech in Latin America and the importance of English language learning in the higher education sphere.

Teaching English Around the World: Interview with David Deubelbeiss, EnglishCentral

Countries all over the world are striving to learn English as a non-native language. Colombia, as well as the rest of Latin America, is no exception to this craze.

David Deubelbeiss has catered to this frenzy first-hand. He has been a teacher all over the world for more than 30 years, and in the last 10 years he has helped create an English language learning software company called EnglishCentral. We sat down with him to talk about his experiences in introducing his EnglishCentral’s software in different parts of the world — particularly in Latin America.

More Than a Second Language: Catalonian English Professor Argues for Non-Native English Teachers

English teachers can be found all over the world—even in those countries where English is not the first language. These days, you might say especially in countries where English is a second language. And while adventurous native English speakers have been traveling across the world to teach English as the language’s popularity grows, some argue that locals should be learning to teach English instead.

At TESOL Colombia, we sat down with Catalonian English professor Enric Llurda to talk about non-native English speakers and their increasing role in teaching the language.



IBM Colombia’s CTO, Jorge Vergara, Discusses Collaboration with Sesame Workshop, More Ed Initiatives

Chief Technology Officer of IBM Colombia, Jorge Vergara, joins the EdTech Times podcast to discuss TESOL Colombia’s showcase of cognitive tools and science as well as what IBM Colombia is focusing on today in regards to education.

Using New Technology for Language Learning: Veteran Teacher Oscar Franco Shares His Experience Teaching English in the Digital Age

At TESOL Colombia, we interviewed ESL teacher Oscar Franco about teaching English and technology for language learning in Latin America.

Listen in to hear more about Oscar’s teaching experiences and his insights about the changing edtech climate.

Learning for Good: Interview with Dr. Obdulio Velasquez, President of the Universidad de La Sabana

This year, TESOL Colombia brought together the English language instructors of Latin America at the Universidad de La Sabana.

At the event, we interviewed the President of the Universidad de La Sabana, Dr. Obdulio Velasquez, on the university’s mission and what makes it unique.

Listen to the full interview with Dr. Obdulio Velasquez:

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