IBM Colombia’s CTO, Jorge Vergara, Discusses Collaboration with Sesame Workshop, More Ed Initiatives

Chief Technology Officer of IBM Colombia, Jorge Vergara, joins the EdTech Times podcast to discuss TESOL Colombia’s showcase of cognitive tools and science as well as what IBM Colombia is focusing on today in regards to education.

Vergara believes IBM, an American multinational technology company, recognizes that the impressive tool of cognitive computing can help a lot of children, as well as any type of person.

IBM Colombia is in the process of working on various projects, one of which Vergara highlighted as a collaboration with the Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street. The current aim in mind is to help children who have a hard time interacting well with other people.

IBM Colombia choose to collaborate with Sesame Street to continue the tradition of reflecting on all the lives of children, by connecting more individually with children, parents, and teachers.

The collaboration has created a new character named Watson.

In a statement from IBM Colombia’s website on the matter: “For about a year now, our two organizations have been collaborating to find the “just-right fit” between IBM Watson’s cognitive computing technology and Sesame’s whole-child curriculum in order to help each child become smarter, stronger, and kinder – Sesame’s expressed mission.”

“We are trying to keep education personalized,” he said. “A cognitive system, like we understand at IBM, is a system that can understand, listen, and can learn. The same thing a child can do.”

IBM works with institutions and Universities around Colombia to help “transform” the education system as they know it. “Education is just like the Industrial Revolution, we need some help from the machines. We are not machines,” Vergara notes.

IBM Colombia wishes to use technology, as IBM’s CEO says, ‘to help people to have a better world’.

Jessica Filippone

Jessica Filippone

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