A Unique Training Path for Startups in Israel: Interview with Former IDF Cyber Defense Trainer Rami Shaked

At this year’s Israel EdTech Summit, we sat down with former Head of IT and Cyber Defense at Israel Defense Forces, Rami Shaked.

It was during his time at the academy for IDF that Shaked mentored and trained thousands of cyber defense technicians. Prior to their training, these technicians had no background in cyber security.

“We don’t actually recruit people that have previous knowledge of IT,” said Shaked. “We take people that have the ability to be the best cyber soldier in the future.”

Shaked noted that since military service is mandatory for Israeli youth (both male and female), the Cyber Defense Academy often acts as a training ground for technologists and entrepreneurs who later enter the startup community.

In regard to the Summit, Shaked rejoiced in the Israel edtech community’s blossoming innovation.

“It was very nice [that] a lot of people right now are not just talking about education technology, but doing education technology.”

Shaked has been a crucial member of the Israel EdTech community, serving as a member of the advisory board for EdTech Israel. He has seen growth in his three years at the organization, as well as a growing confidence in education technology.

“The question is no longer is it good or is it not good, the question is how are we going to do it.”

Not one to remain idle, Shaked himself spoke at this year’s summit. Shaked’s panel focused primarily on soft skills in the workplace and the gaps higher education. Three of these gaps include,”Communication in a group, how to be strong when faced with failures, and collaboration.”

Listen in to hear more about edtech’s evolution in Israel and Shaked’s insights.

Elizabeth Hartel

Elizabeth Hartel

Elizabeth hails from New Jersey and studies journalism at Emerson College, where she works for two publications: a lifestyle magazine and a music magazine. In addition to education, she also enjoys writing about health and fitness and pop culture.