Using New Technology for Language Learning: Veteran Teacher Oscar Franco Shares His Experience Teaching English in the Digital Age

English language learning is an essential part of the Latin American higher education curriculum. It has become vital to student success, and because of this, new pressures are constantly put on teachers to change and perfect their classes, techniques, and programs. To save time and improve learning outcomes, technology for language learning often comes into play.

Fernando Valenzuela, an edtech expert and our Latin America contributor, sat down with Oscar Franco, an English as a second language teacher of 17 years, at TESOL Colombia this year to discuss Oscar’s knowledge of teaching the English language to non-native speakers.

Now, Oscar strives to revamp English language learning practices. He explained the importance of connecting with students and how teachers can do that through implementing new technology — such as showing YouTube videos and other short yet comprehensive clips — in the classroom.

Listen in to hear more about Oscar’s teaching experiences and his insights about the changing edtech climate.