Master Scheduling, Without the Headache: Abl Tackles One of K-12 Adminstrators’ Biggest Concerns, Gets $7.5 Million Investment

Very few people who are not K-12 administrators can imagine the time and detail that goes into designing and managing the school day.

But if you talk to K-12 administrators, it’s soon clear this is a pain point for many schools.

“Master scheduling is an increasingly complex challenge that our principals grapple with as they attempt to balance the implementation of new national standards and the need to develop high-quality learning environments for all students,” says Cheryl Hibbeln, Executive Director of Secondary Schools in the San Diego Unified School district.

“Master scheduling is the sort of real-world challenge that technology is perfectly suited to address, facilitating greater input from staff and bringing transparency to an important equity lever for school communities.”

Luckily, edtech startup Abl, a dynamic school scheduling platform, is here to help. Using feedback from educators around the country, Abl has designed a platform to address the most common concerns in planning and managing the daily life of a school.

Apparently, educators aren’t the only ones desperately seeking solutions to these problems. A number of top investors, including Rethink Education and Reach capital, have invested $7.5 million in a series A round for Abl, according to a press release issued yesterday.

To learn more about Abl and what makes it so interesting to educators and investors alike, we sat down with CEO and founder Adam Pisoni.

Listen in to hear Adam’s insights about the needs of educational administrators, and the future of Abl.