Digital Badges Are On the Rise, Says Pete Janzow from Pearson Acclaim

Alternative credentials weren’t always an accepted concept. Now, they are an increasingly common route for people to take in order to prepare themselves for the workforce.

Acclaim is a company that helps individuals move forward professionally by administering digital badges. Currently incubated inside Pearson VUE, Acclaim has been around for a little over three years, and boasts of more than 1 million users who have been issued over 8 million digital badges.

We had the opportunity to speak to Pete Janzow of Pearson Acclaim about alternative credentials, and what he hopes for the future of the startup.

Pete shared the ways badging can help improve learners’ lives, and the value of badges to employees, to employers, and to employers’ clients. He also outlined the types of industries that work with Acclaim and the reasons they do, and even touched upon the impact Acclaim may have on alternative credentialing at large.

Listen in to learn more about digital badging and to hear Pete’s insights on the topic.