What to Expect at the Israel EdTech Summit: The Global Hub’s Featured Panels and Speakers

The Israel EdTech Summit is an event that helps connects members of the Israeli edtech community with a wide range of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and potential business partners from around the world. Hosted by EdTech Israel and East Wind Advisors in collaboration with Tel Aviv University, the second annual conference will take place from June 4-5, 2017, at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.

The meetings, discussions, and lectures at the conference all center around edtech topics, including: higher education, education investments, education trends and changes, and edtech pitches. There are also talks that focus on the media’s effects on education, the science behind learning, and how artificial intelligence has altered the learning experience.

To learn more, listen to the full interview with EdTech Israel’s Dr. Yaki Dayan:

Highlights of Israel EdTech Summit 2017:


Day 1

Panel discussions:

The Prism of Online Learning: The Higher Education Ecosystem from Different Angles and Geographies

Moderator: Yuval Shriabman, CEO of TAU online Israel

Mark Lester, Director of Partnerships Development for Future Learn
Carl Dawson, Executive Chairman of Proversity (UK)
Eran Raviv, Campus
Dr. Akiba Covitz, Head of Business Development, Minerva

Jump-Starting the Engine: Accelerator Models to Fuel EdTech Growth

Amir Pinchas, Head of Operations and Portfolio at Microsoft Accelerators
Tom Bar Av, Director of Marketing & Ecosystem at MassChallenge
Hakan Satiroglu, co-founder and partner at LearnLaunch
Gil May-Tal, IBM Alpha Zone

Dr. Tom Schonberg, Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University
John Katzman, Founder and CEO, Noodle Education

Day 2

Panel discussions:

Minding the (Skills) Gap: Solving Human Capital Challenges; Educating for Success

Moderator: Roy Jones, Wall Street Journal

Rami Shaked, ex-IDF at Basmach
Vince Chan, UnLearn Innovator
Guy Halfteck, CEO at Knack
Roni Zahavi, CEO at CyberSpark
Yair Brosh, CEO at Time2Know

Education Nation: Who is Setting the Transformation Agenda?

Moderator: Shai-lee Spigelman, CEO at Digital Israel Bureau

Shirley Rimon Bracha, Education Department Head, Tel Aviv
Raphael Attias, Chief of Strategy and Innovation, ORT France
Professor Yaffa Zilbershats, Chairman, CHE
Yaacov Hect, founder and CEO of Education Cities
Yishai Pinchover, cofounder and COO of CodeMonkey

Roni Zahavi from CyberSpark

Spotlight companies:

Magic Leap

To learn more about EdTech Israel, visit their website. To read more about the program’s upcoming two-day summit and register for the conference, visit the website for the Israel EdTech Summit.

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