Spotted at the 2017 ASU GSV Summit: 6 Startups Shaking Up Education

Last week, we attended the ASU GSV Summit in Salt Lake City. Colloquially known as “ASU GSV,” the annual conference offers a chance for people in the learning and talent innovation communities to come together.

If you ask the attendees, it’s a great place for edtech companies to connect, pitch, and share what they’re doing with the rest of the edtech community. Many attend to form partnerships, seek investment, or hire new employees.

This year, we spoke with a number of companies to see what they’re doing to shake up education today. Here’s a look at some of the companies that we spotted there:


TeachersConnect is a collection of teachers and edtech leaders who create tools to ensure that every teacher is able to thrive in the classroom. TeachersConnect has launched successful teacher prep programs since its founding in 2015, and continues to gather research on the needs and wants of teachers in preparation for the launch of the next generation of its project, which is set to happen in summer 2017.

Zulama Learning

Zulama seeks to ready students for the jobs of tomorrow through its innovative game design programs in STEM learning and Computer Science. Zulama consists of a team of seasoned education professionals who passionately strive to improve schools and better prepare students for the workforce.


Schoold is an app that helps prospective college students evaluate schools based on a variety of factors, including: student life, academics, location, cost of attendance, and salary estimates. Through Schoold, users are able to communicate with actual coaches who can answer questions for them to help them make decisions.


Cashtivity is a way for math students to ensure they are able to implement their classroom skills and concepts in the outside world. Through Cashtivity, students are able to construct their own curriculum — this helps them develop a growth mindset that is, overall, more enthusiastic, more successful, and more hardworking.


Literacy Lab, nicknamed “LitLab” is an early learning literacy program designed to help increase access to education for the youngest students. LitLab combines a number of digital learning resources, books, workshops, and other initiatives to help support parents of preschoolers in advancing their child’s learning at home. Listen to the full interview with Mialisa Bonta, founder of LitLab, to learn how it all began.


Gnowbe offers a simple micro-learning solution to onboard, train, and update staff via smartphone — meaning they can learn anytime, any day, anywhere. Gnowbe’s modern technology meets any learner’s needs and helps drive business results.

Visit the ASU GSV Summit website to learn more about the annual conference and what the 2017 event entailed.

Elizabeth Hartel

Elizabeth Hartel

Elizabeth hails from New Jersey and studies journalism at Emerson College, where she works for two publications: a lifestyle magazine and a music magazine. In addition to education, she also enjoys writing about health and fitness and pop culture.