Building Games as Education: Interview with Danielle Burnett, GameSalad

Kids and video games go hand-in-hand, and the number of kids who want to make their own games keeps growing. But coding is far more complicated than the drag and drop nature of a game like Minecraft, and takes a long time to learn.

GameSalad® is changing the way people create mobile games, making game creation as fun as playing one.

Available as a free, personal creation tool or for use in a classroom setting, GameSalad brings the drag and drop nature of programming games into creating the games themselves.

Games can be programmed to look like a retro 16-bit side scroller or mimic the infamous Flappy Bird. Developers and educators strive to create accessible tools to make game creation easy and fun.

Christine Hagen-Young spoke with Principal Learning Architect Danielle Burnett to learn more about GameSalad.

Christine Hagen

Christine Hagen Young

Christine Hagen Young is a freelance writer, podcaster, and filmmaker in Austin, Texas. Having previously worked in education, she is currently pursuing her passion for storytelling. She spends her free time obsessing over pop culture from yesteryear.