Growth Mindset Software for Growing Minds: Interview with Rupa Gupta, CEO of Sown to Grow

Modern education is not without its difficulties. Helping students to stay motivated to learn in an increasingly test-centered world is just one.

Sown to Grow is a free growth mindset tool for educators in order to help their students change the way they think about their thinking, so they can become “empowered, growth-oriented learners.”

Even though many teachers believe a growth mindset is important for their students, only 50% have the means to make it happen. Sown to Grow wants to help teachers find new strategies in order to help struggling students.

So how do they do this? We had the chance to speak to Rupa Gupta, the co-founder and CEO of Sown to Grow, at SXSWedu this year. She told us about why she created her product, what it does, and how she aims to help make lives easier for teachers and learning better for students with her product.

To learn more about Sown to Grow, listen to our interview with CEO Rupa Gupta: 

Christine Hagen

Christine Hagen Young

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