Village Capital Seeks to Democratize EdTech Investment, Promote Diversity in Entrepreneurship

In the United States, there are three well-known entrepreneurial hotspots: New York, California, and Massachusetts.

According to Nasir Qadree of Village Capital, because these states possess large numbers of successful entrepreneurs, they monopolize investor and media attention. And as for the edtech entrepreneurs in these areas (and elsewhere), they are more often than not of a homogenous background.

Village Capital is trying to change that. Village Capital, a Washington, D.C.-based investment firm with a social impact peer-investment model, boasts an unusually diverse portfolio of companies. As opposed to the typical 7 percent of women-led enterprises, Village Capital’s portfolio yields an impressive 43 percent. The company’s portfolio also consists of 23 percent minority-led enterprises.

To gain some more insight on Village Capital’s emphasis on diversity, focus on peer support, and increasingly relevant role in the edtech field, we had Hannah Nyren speak to Nasir about the education companies with which he has worked and about Village Capital’s next steps.

Listen in to Hannah’s interview with Nasir to learn more:

Edtech companies—Interested in applying to a Village Capital investment program?

Visit the Education practice page on Village Capital’s website for more details. 

Elizabeth Hartel

Elizabeth Hartel

Elizabeth hails from New Jersey and studies journalism at Emerson College, where she works for two publications: a lifestyle magazine and a music magazine. In addition to education, she also enjoys writing about health and fitness and pop culture.