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Beyond Learning, Beyond Standards: Author Marc Prensky Shares His Achievement-Based Vision for Education

The current education system focuses heavily on learning. This emphasis on learning aims to help students adopt a common set of skills and gain a certain breadth of knowledge so they can enter the workplace successfully and effectively apply what they have learned.

Marc Prensky, an author and speaker who is also the founder and chief spokesperson of the Global Future of Education Foundation and Institute, thinks this fixation on learning needs to change. He believes the primary goal in education should not be learning — it should be accomplishment.

Marc says shifting the focus in education to accomplishment would help students complete real world tasks before they even enter the workplace.

To give us some insight on what an education system that does not prioritize learning would look like, Jake Murray from the Boston University School of Education spoke with Marc about Marc’s vision for education reform, which would also put more value in individualized experience. Marc believes Common Core learning standards focus on outdated subjects that not every student needs to learn. Therefore, he does not support their implementation. He believes the education system is spending too much time on their consideration.

Listen in to hear Marc’s argument against learning standards, and how he believes the education system must change and improve in order to be an effective experience for its students.

If you want to learn more about Marc’s vision for education, he goes in-depth about it in his most recent book, Education to Better Their World: Unleashing the Power of Twenty-First Century Kids.

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Elizabeth Hartel

Elizabeth Hartel

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