Employers Think Applicants Lack Real World Job Skills, According to New Poll Conducted by the MBAE

About 76 percent of employers in Massachusetts are having trouble hiring new workers because their applicants’ basic skills and knowledge just aren’t up to par. According to Linda Noonan, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE), this problem is a reflection of why the implementation of state learning standards in schools is so important.

To understand more about the economic impact of educational standards, we had Jill Norton, the Director of Education Policy for Abt Associates, sit down with Linda to discuss the formation and enactment of learning standards in Massachusetts and some brief background on Common Core, which is a nationwide initiative that outlines what K-12 students should know after completing each grade and before moving on to the next one.

According to Linda, learning standards are important because they provide educators and learners with common goals. They are also a pivotal part of education because they help prepare students for higher education and for the workforce. Learning standards, specifically Common Core standards, have recently become a hot topic in the news, because while some people support their implementation, many people oppose it. Listen in to gain some perspective on learning standards: hear why Linda thinks they are so important, how Massachusetts has been at the forefront of their implementation, and what the next steps are in their realm.

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Elizabeth Hartel

Elizabeth Hartel

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