EdTech Companies Take the Stage at CES during TransformingEDU

This year at CES, one of the biggest electronic shows in the world, the halls (and streets) were filled with robots, virtual reality devices, and even driverless cars. It was an extravaganza of futuristic technology, covering every industry from ecommerce to home security. Yet of all the industries represented, the educational industry may be the most important to the future of technology.

At TransformingEDU, the day focused on education at CES, the movers and shakers of this industry took the stage. Here are just a few of the interviews with the speakers, and what they said about the future of education technology.

Interview with Chip Paucek, Co-founder & CEO of 2U

Chip Paucek, edtech veteran and CEO of 2U, opened the Transforming EDU event discussing how “tech universities meet economic needs” with interviewer Alfreed Poor. In our interview, he shared not only the best strategies for doing this, but examples of how 2U specifically has provided opportunities to help universities provide the skills students need in a cost effective and efficient manner. Apparently, Paucek himself is even working on a degree with the software.

Interview with Jaime Casap, Google for Education

Google for Education’s Jaime Casap spoke on what Google for Education is doing to change the way students learn, and how his own experience helps him to find digital solutions for students of diverse backgrounds. In this interview with Gayle Grader and Hannah Nyren of EdTech Times, Casap shares his thoughts on the future of education, his hopes for those trying to change the face of education, and his favorite Google for Education app.

Interview with Fernando Valenzuela, McGraw-Hill Latin America

As an education industry veteran at the helm of the Latin American division of one of the largest companies in the education industry, Valenzuela’s mission has been to help Latin America make its mark on education. In conjunction with a number of Latin American companies and organizations as well as others, Valenzuela led a talk on the importance of globalization in education.

Interview with Gary Baum, MyScript

During TransformingEDU, Gary Baum spoke about MyScript and its revolutionary handwriting recognition software. According to Baum, the software, called Nebo, not only converts handwriting into a digital form, but does for “over 90 percent of the world’s population”—covering almost every language in the world. At CES alone, the software earned two awards—so it must be something worth writing home about.

Interview with Julia Stiglitz, Coursera

A former 4th grade teacher, Google employee, and Teach for America alum, Julia Stiglitz has seen education from a number of different vantage points. After five years of working with Coursera, she is now leading a new Coursera program for business and government, which leans much more on the professional training side of education than the typical Coursera program. We interviewed Stiglitz at CES to learn more about Coursera’s developments and to discuss her panel on disruptive credentials.

Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren is the General Manager of EdTech Times. A Texan by birth but a Bostonian at heart, Hannah is an educational writer, AmeriCorps alum, and one-time StartupWeekend EDU (SWEDU) winning team member. She started her career at a Pearson-incubated edtech startup, but has since covered travel, food & culture, and even stonemasonry in addition to education.