Math is the Same in Every Language: Mike Bates of Matific Discusses Developing Global Arithmetic Curriculums

What exactly is Matific? According to Mike Bates, Vice President of Global Sales at Matific, it is “a global math, K-6, primary school, elementary school math resource, curriculum-rich content.”

In an interview with Hannah Nyren of EdTech Times, Bates outlined how the company has evolved since it was founded. He also discussed Matific’s most recent developments, and its plans for the immediate future.

Matific was first created with the intention of providing students with rigorous curriculum that teaches math, explores concepts, and allows students to investigate the “what if”s. As of early 2016, Matific has added new capabilities, content, and functions to its platform.

Their most recent development, however, has been a complete redesign of the user interface for students, which allows students to work in a “gamification” format. Matific’s next goal, as stated by Bates, is to upgrade the teacher and educator experience by introducing district-level reporting.

“How we think we can change the world,” said Bates, “Is actually putting the power of instruction back into the hands of the educator.”

Jocelyn Bermudez

Jocelyn Bermudez

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