Edsby Refines Learning Management System with Learning Analytics: Interview with Dallas Kachan, VP of Marketing

Is it possible for parents, educators, and the district to have real-time insight into their students’ progress? According to Dallas Kachan, Vice President of Marketing for Edsby, a cloud-based platform for K-12 students, the answer is a resounding yes.

“For the first time, teachers and district administrators and even school principals can understand exactly what’s happening to the children under them,” he said after announcing the introduction of learning analytics, the newest piece in the Edsby equation. Kachan explains the necessity of real-time evaluations of students’ progress, and how Edsby can help identify at-risk students by finding outliers.

Edsby seeks to revolutionize access to learning data, making it easy and efficient for parents and teachers to identify issues in the here and now. The successor to “First Class,” another widely-used platform for education, Edsby hopes to use the data collected by its predecessor in order to become both customizable and localizable. With the introduction of Edsby’s analytics, Kachan hopes to develop the role of the parent in guiding their children’s education.

“When you’re whizzing down the highway, it does no good to you to see a sign that says ‘cheap gas, ten miles ago,’” said Kachan. “You want to see, in real-time, risk factors.”

Listen to the full interview with Dallas Kachan:

Jocelyn Bermudez

Jocelyn Bermudez

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