Schools That Thrive: How Bishop Guertin High School Thrives with Principal Jason Strniste

In the latest installment of Schools That Thrive, Esin Sile, CEO of Boston’s MindBridge Partners, interviewed Bishop Guertin High School principal, Jason Strniste.

Strniste has been in education for the last 15 years, serving as Bishop Guertin’s principal for the past three years. Located in Nashua, New Hampshire, Bishop Guertin High School is grades 9 through 12 with 780 students. The school is affiliated with the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and is a part of a larger network of schools also associated with the order in the North East and the South.

Bishop Guertin has a strong focus on college preparation, and relies heavily on the communication of their mission to students and prospective students.

“A student going through the education experience should be known individually and valued. [We] believe in a strong partnership with the family. We try to run a school that is very hospitable, very compassionate towards students that teaches strong values, discipline, and high expectations,” says Strniste.

In a landscape of evolving demographics, an economy in flux, and rising tuition prices for higher education, Strniste understands increasing and maintaining enrollment is both an opportunity and an ongoing challenge.

To increase enrollment, Bishop Guertin relies on the role of the network of other schools to share resources. Usually twice a year, representatives from each school come together to exchange ideas to best prepare the schools for future, and the administrations of each schools are actively trying to create a forum where admission directors can come together to learn from each other’s best practices.

Strniste talks about creative programs in the school that use technology to improve the parent experience. Recently, the school has put into place Bring Your Own Device program that allows students and parents to choose a device that works best with their budget and lifestyle. The school’s website features an intuitive online platform that allows students and parents to access grades, calendars, and other information in one easily accessible location.

As Strniste says, “We live to send our students forth and make a difference in the world and make a world a better place.”

Courtney Major

Courtney Major

Courtney Major is a Senior Writing, Literature, and Publishing student at Emerson College, where she has written for multiple on-campus publications. Her work has also been published on multiple online diabetes magazines. When she isn’t working, she’s probably trying to find the best espresso with whipped cream in Boston.