Tests Without Pens: Interview with Johan Hägglund, Co-Founder of Online Exam Platform, DigiExam

No one likes exams. As a college student, Johann Hägglund was particularly frustrated by the typical exam format, which required him to write with pen and paper for hours. Determined to find a new method for taking and grading exams, Hägglund and his friend Nima Marefat cofounded DigiExam, an online exam platform that eliminates the need to write exams by hand.

Since its launch in 2011, DigiExam has grown to serve over 145,000 students. It also operates on two continents, expanding from Sweden to New York last year.

Hannah Nyren of EdTech Times talks to Hägglund, now CEO, about working with some of the best schools in Sweden, finding enthusiastic product users in the United States, and rethinking assessment.

Adelia Humme

Adelia Humme

Previously an academic adviser at her alma mater, Texas A&M University, Adelia has contributed her editorial skills to The Eckleburg Project, Redivider, and Texas A&M University Press. She recently moved from Texas to Boston to pursue a master's degree in publishing & writing at Emerson College. She devotes her free time to reading fantasy novels and spoiling cats.