Student using CommonLit online library

CommonLit, an Online Library for English Teachers, Brings ELA Back to EdTech

Need an example of dramatic irony in a folktale appropriate for fifth graders? Take a trip to CommonLit’s online library.

CommonLit is a collection of over 400 short stories, poems, news articles, and primary texts on topics including social pressure, justice, free will, and resilience. The texts can be sorted by grade level, theme, genre, and even literary device and Common Core State Standards.

This literary resource for teachers is the brainchild of Michelle Brown, founder, and Sarah Mielbye, director of content development. In this interview, Hannah Nyren of EdTech Times talks with Mielbye about the inspiration behind the online library, how to use CommonLit in a variety of classroom environments, and the importance of designing technology for English teachers.

Adelia Humme

Adelia Humme

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