Schools That Thrive: New Podcast Series Hosted by MindBridge Partners Explores How Private Schools Can Grow and Succeed in Today’s Demanding Market

In our latest podcast series, Schools That Thrive, MindBridge Partners CEO Esin Sile (pictured above) will interview school leaders and educational strategists about the best ways to for schools to grow and improve in the increasingly competitive private school market.

Don’t try to be everything to everyone.

So says Jessica McWade, of McWade Group. McWade believes market research can help educators identify what’s most important to their stakeholders (students and parents) so that schools can focus on their greatest assets instead of taking a more scattered approach.

Longtime educators may think they understand their market because they’ve been working in education for ten-plus years, but they can still be surprised by the results of market research, McWade explains.

In this first interview of a new podcast series hosted by Esin Sile, CEO of MindBridge Partners, McWade advocates strong leadership at the top of an organization to create an aspirational vision, establish realistic strategies, and cultivate and retain talent.

McWade also shares what Star Trek’s Spock can teach us about technology adoption and how schools and leaders can “understand, communicate, prove, and live” their organizational vision.

“The prime directive is the student,” says McWade.

About MindBridge Partners

MindBridge Partners is an innovative, mission-driven, education consulting firm. MindBridge helps schools to embrace a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship while enhancing value proposition, teaching, and learning. They create environments that foster collaboration and growth in partnership with institutional stakeholders and the broader community.



About Esin Sile

The CEO of MindBridge Partners, Esin Sile has more than 20 years of experience in extensive research, analyzing complex data sets, market analysis, statistical modeling, and strategic consulting. She sets research findings and her consulting work within an insightful context, honed by relationships with many different client institutions.



About Jessica McWade

McWade holds an MBA from New York University, an MPA in Foreign Policy from Harvard University, and a doctorate in Leadership and Organizational Development from The George Washington University.

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Adelia Humme

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