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Washington Leadership Academy Revives Learning with Virtual Reality Education

Imagine sitting in a classroom reading about the solar system in a textbook; now imagine walking through the solar system—seeing the details of each planet up close—in that same classroom. The inaugural class of 9th grade students at the new Washington Leadership Academy, in Washington, D.C., will be given the opportunity to do just that by utilizing virtual reality technology in an effort to help revive the landscape of high school education.

The Washington Leadership Academy recently won 10 million dollars through XQ’s The Super School Project competition with the goal of merging augmented and virtual reality into the core curriculum for their students.

The school plans to build a virtual reality chemistry lab, “which would not only allow kids to walk through molecules to see their structure, but would allow students to conduct virtual experiments, could be both less expensive and more educationally valuable than a traditional lab stocked with beakers and Bunsen burners,” according to U.S. News.

Virtual and augmented reality will allow students to experience what they are learning, rather than just read it in a textbook, addressing more and more learning styles.

This technology, however, is still in the infant stage, and the Washington Leadership Academy plans to share what they learn with other schools to help them implement virtual reality programs.

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Courtney Major

Courtney Major

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