China May Soon Surpass U.S. in the Global Education Technology Market

While the United States may like to think of itself as one of the biggest contenders on the global field, China can boast of a bigger population, workforce, and perhaps soon a larger education technology industry.

In 2015 alone, the Chinese government invested roughly $1.07 billion USD into funding edtech deals and companies, an amount that may lead to China surpassing the U.S. this year if the growth of these companies and technology is steady.

On top of this, the Chinese government has also announced its plans to invest at least $30 billion into startups by the year 2020, an action which may indicate the country’s intentions to make education technology a necessity prior to employment.

While some may still doubt China’s ability to change the game and overtake the U.S. in the educational sphere, there is no doubting the country’s commitment to changing the way it works (in more than one way). The Chinese government isn’t simply investing into its companies and startups—it has been developing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) for K–12 education, and has begun creating plans to train millions of teachers with the goal of shifting from a manufacturing economy into a service-based one.

In order to further this venture, a new immigration office was created recently with the intention of attracting and encouraging Chinese techno-philes living and working abroad to return and help provide training to their local communities.

With an 806 million-strong workforce and the potential to speed up their training programs with the investments being made into education technology, China could create enormous waves in both educational and economic circles. So far, these ventures have been bearing fruit: for the first time ever, a number of Chinese universities have been included on the list of the Top 100 global schools.

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Jocelyn Bermudez

Jocelyn Bermudez

Jocelyn is a freelance writer originally from sunny South Florida, where she was the Managing Editor of Axis Creative Arts Magazine and a Senior Academic Mentor at United Mentors. She is currently a student at Emerson College, where she spends her time refining her writing skills when she isn’t preparing for the famous New England winters.