How has technology changed students?

QR Codes Used in the Classroom To Help Young Students Access Technology Faster

Edtech company Clever has revolutionized the time it takes young students to log into online educational platforms and applications. Instead of fumbling with keys to type a lengthy password, they simply scan the QR code on their Clever Badge for instant access.

At an age when kids are just learning to tie their shoes, time is essential in every K–2 classroom. This innovation saves teachers up to 20 minutes— the time it can take to get all their students on the home page—which means more time spent on engaging activities and personalized learning.

According to a recent USA Today article, Clever Badges are used in 4,585 schools in the United States. Clever, Inc. streamlines the process of finding effective edtech apps for classrooms. Their database connects school districts with over 200 compatible apps for their teachers to choose from.

Jennifer Ortakales

Jennifer Ortakales

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