Link-Systems International Augments Classroom Learning With New Whiteboard

In August, Link-Systems International (LSI) released version 6.0 of the WorldWideWhiteboard at the 42nd Annual Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance Conference. The company developed the WorldWideWhiteboard to bolster collaborative learning, and the latest iteration of the product is a platform for web conferencing for student and educator use.

LSI’s product is revolutionary for educators and students. It allows instructors to provide feedback on assignments, run tutoring sessions, and even deliver lectures. Students get to use the WorldWideWhiteboard 6.0 for peer-to-peer collaboration and conferencing. Essentially, this technology ushers the classroom into the modern era by translating aspects of in-person learning to an online format. The WorldWideWhiteboard 6.0 contains innovations that could only exist virtually such as text-to-speech functionality, screen sharing, and a proprietary chemistry toolset.

Benefits like these enrich the student experience and foster a greater sense of independence and agency over the learning process as a whole. One of the many useful features of the WorldWideWhiteboard 6.0 is the NetTutor. With this latest update, LSI introduced Refer-Tutor-Report, intended to bolster tutoring services by enabling teachers to not only recommend personalized tutoring options to students but to also collaborate with and supervise tutors as a cohesive support network for students.

Because the WorldWideWhiteboard 6.0 was designed to work with contemporary technology, it is available across devices—from desktops to mobile phones. LSI, a Florida-based educational technology company focused on creating eLearning solutions, celebrated its 20th anniversary of edtech innovation this year and the WorldWideWhiteboard 6.0 serves as a prime example of its many achievements.

Josef Blumenfeld

Josef Blumenfeld

Josef is a communications professional with two decades of experience, including 8 years in education. With previous roles at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Cengage Learning, and a number of other communications and educational companies, Josef recently launched his own communications company focused on education technology, EdTech180.