EdTech Startup Yellowdig Receives Million Dollar Investment

After acquiring an investment of $1 million, edtech startup Yellowdig is accelerating their development. Yellowdig is a social learning and analytics software platform that operates as a discussion board tool within learning management systems such as Canvas and Blackboard.

The startup was founded by Shaunak Roy in 2013 as a tool to “promote deeper discussions from students about links posted to the course site by their instructor or peers,” according to Digital Learning of Northwestern University.

Sashi Reddi, the founder of SRI Capital, is the source of the large investment into Yellowdig.

In 2014, Yellowdig was being used by around 300 students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where the software was piloted. According to Philly, as of this month, that number has grown to 35,000 and has spread to over twenty institutions including the University of Florida, Northwestern University, and the University of Pennsylvania. The platform was commercially launched in early 2015.

Yellowdig’s interface is similar to Reddit. Students are able to share links, photos, and notes with classmates. Classmates then have the ability to vote up or down to the links to ensure relevance and helpfulness to the course material.

“In creating a digital space for this knowledge exchange, participation, and engagement, the in-classroom experience takes on a life of its own, separate from the traditional lecture and related class discussion. When my class picks up again the next week, we have a week’s worth of ideas and perspectives to guide the conversation and introduce new elements to the discussion,” said Jeremy Petranka, a Duke University professor, of Yellowdig.

Because students are so attached to technology and interacting online through social platforms, education companies have to be able to capitalize on that.

Yellowdig uses their knowledge of how students best engage with content to create a platform that caters to them. Students are able to learn, talk about, and absorb content through an educational social network.

The company will utilize the investment to add to its full-time staff in the United States as well as grow their team in India. “Our core team has been working very hard over the past few years to solidly establish the product in the marketplace and build a scalable go-to-market strategy,” said Roy.

Hannah Flynn

Hannah Flynn

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