Ruvna Takes Clipboards Out of School Emergencies

Since 2013, there have been at least 189 school shootings in America—an average of nearly one a week. Despite the alarming increase of school emergencies, schools still use the traditional method of counting students off in alphabetical order after rushing out of schools, or seeking safety under desks.

Ruvna aims to eliminate the inefficiency and inaccuracies when using this method by tracking students and staff during emergencies, and facilitating internal instant messaging. The mobile-friendly site helps students check-in with their teachers, including any other students they’re with. Administrators and teachers can note students who need special and/or immediate attention. Ruvna also allows schools to give and receive real-time updates to the entire school system.

On their website, Ruvna lays out a lockdown situation and how the tool can help control a stressful situation:

“Identifying which students are where, and who might need help, is critical to ensuring student safety. During lockdowns in particular, students are not always in their expected locations and it can be difficult or impossible to travel between classrooms.

  • When a lockdown starts, teachers use Ruvna to easily check in the students they have, including any extra students they might have. Students not in their assigned classroom can be checked in by any faculty member. In real time, both the administration and the student’s assigned teacher know the student is safely with a staff member.
  • Messages can be sent to quickly update relevant parties, and students can be flagged to receive immediate attention.
  • Ruvna enables administrators, law enforcement, and first responders to know which students need help during an emergency, not after.”

The system, currently priced between $4,000-$5,000 annually, is an increasingly popular option for schools. According to their website, some of Ruvna’s success is attributed to the simplicity of the design. There’s no app required, and the interface is user-friendly. The goal remains to facilitate communication between students, staff and law enforcement in order to maintain security during school emergencies.

Gretchen Kuhsel

Gretchen Kuhsel

Gretchen Kuhsel is a junior journalism student at Emerson College, where she is the assistant lifestyle editor at The Berkeley Beacon. Her work has also been published in various campus magazines and The Connecticut Post. When she’s not writing, she’s spending far too much time online shopping or balancing upside down on her yoga mat.