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Time To Know Partners with eLearningPro to Widen Reach

Time To Know has partnered with eLearningPro, an edtech provider based in Hong Kong. The two signed a five-year partnership agreement last month that Time To Know hopes will widen their reach and range of services.

Time To Know is an edtech company that provides partnerships as well as a variety of products used globally. The products are meant to provide “end-to-end Ed-Tech solutions” such as a data-driven teaching tool and an authoring tool to generate interactive digital content.

The two companies partnered to address the needs of the market in the Hong Kong region, where, according to a press release, learning providers are seeking tools to make the training and certification process more effective. They are also looking into more personalized learning experience and measurement tools.

Jackie Chan, the CEO of eLearningPro, said, “eLearningPro is striving to bring actual and measurable value to our clients. Partnering with Time To Know, we are able to offer organizations valuable ways to make their training and learning processes more effective.”

“Time To Know is a natural partner for our market approach, and we look forward to expanding our market reach through this partnership.”

The partnership will bring education technology to the Hong Kong corporate training market and give both companies the opportunity to grow and develop their products and services.

Hannah Flynn

Hannah Flynn

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